Today, apart from the need to use vegetable oil for cooking purposes, the women also use vegetable oil as a natural secret to maintaining beauty. Among them, the rice oil is at the center attracted much attention, affordable for rice oil meets the requirements max health – beautiful women stricter capital? In Japan – countries are aware of the problem of high health protection and acutely aware of the nutritional value, rice oil is considered the “heart of the cooking oil” and used officially in […]

We still think more and more people smarter with superb range of products of modern technology is extremely convenient. Yet the fact that life is present development causes us less intelligent. Why is that? Google In 2008, Nicholas Carr wrote an article in The Atlantic titled “Is Google making us stupid there are more?”. This article has triggered a fierce debate until now. Brief answers can give is: just right, just do not. July 2011, scientists at Columbia University announced that, thanks to Google, but […]

Miscarriage is the nightmare of all pregnant women, the pregnancy ended early and the mother would not love the opportunity to welcome the birth of this pregnancy. Although nobody wants to go through this, but to understand the phenomenon of abortion helps mother assured better pregnancy care, and if lucky can prevent the risk of miscarriage for yourself. Part 1: What causes a miscarriage What is abortion? Miscarriage is the phenomenon of early termination of pregnancy in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Approximately 10-20% […]

Women always want their search for the best contraceptive method. Contraception by breastfeeding is one of the natural contraception are many women choose. However, there are some common issues that you often wonder when using this method of contraception. We hope the following knowledge will be somewhat helpful to you. Breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive safety. Photo: Inmagine Contraception by breastfeeding Breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy, this means that, after birth, babies exclusively breastfed without taking anything else to add. The lactation natural hormonal changes in […]

Every pregnant woman understands that what they take (or not take), the body is very important to the health and development of the fetus, whether it might be better protein, caffeine or some kind fish. But many mothers do not know what they use on their skin also equally important. Most of us women have the habit of using a lot of skin care products each day, but we often do not think these products may penetrates the skin and into the body. With a […]

It injured for half the world, have to bear a significant responsibility is heavily tongue pain, but have to keep nagging fear in the hearts of keeping her husband. Wife¬†pregnant husband enlisted “adultery” Needless to say, when his wife was pregnant packaging duration of your husband the most weakness, easy “lured” the most. Because of the pregnancy you have sensitive or body fatigue, decreased libido or sudden, the very occurrence of “fat hanging cat starve“. If lucky, the husband of sympathy, encouragement, visit and caress […]

Nasal wash properly, will not only help you more comfortable, breathe easier, but also quickly from respiratory diseases such as runny nose, cough, cold (if the child coughs due to water flowing down the nose and throat causing coughing). If you have a mother, you can not not know how to wash your child’s nose. For newborns Infants, young children, or not be able to blow your nose, nasal wash the baby is a little difficult. Often very little fear nose or nasal wash. Feeling […]

If you are trying to get pregnant, do not let 9 following error affects the family’s goals! MissingCut down the number of times close to save sperm or only in relation to the day of ovulation is not easy to stick elect a good idea. “Duo” together will make both not satisfied, you know, emotions are very important in conception.   Excess Many couples think that more and continuous relationship will get pregnant easily and quickly. Remember, the relationship several times in a day or […]

Food can create miracles in your life. Especially, if you are expecting children or are pregnant, a healthy diet helps you to protect your baby from the threat of birth defects. 1. Prevention cleft palate deformitiesCleft palate is a congenital malformation affecting the appearance of the baby, sometimes affecting the child’s ability to communicate. The cause has not been specified, however, if during pregnancy, diet poor maternal nutrition, will increase the risk of cleft palate in the fetus. Lack of vitamin A and folic acid […]

Mood swings are common for most pregnant women. Not only due to hormones, fatigue, heaviness of the body where the external factors also have a negative impact on the mood of the pregnant woman. If uncontrolled emotions, stress will come very quickly and affects both the mother and baby. 1. The reason why women vulnerable to stress Hormone changes that pregnancy becomes mood swings, irritability, and the premise leads to stress. Morning sickness is one of the causes of the most significant effect on your […]

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